I may be showing my Arizona roots, but I have found this year’s fall/winter to be unseasonably cold! Boots, leggings, sweaters, oh my—yes please!! And while I’m excited to bust out my scarves and feel justified ordering that hot caramel macchiato, I’ve also remembered that with colder weather means extra TLC for my skin to prevent dehydration in the lips, face, hands, etc.

What kind of TLC? Exfoliation and plenty of hydration of course! Exfoliating to buff away any dead skin, and moisturizer to ensure the fresh skin underneath stays hydrated. Say it with me; hydrated skin is happy skin! 🙂moisturizer

There are somskin exfoliatee fantastic scrubs on the market ranging from drugstore to high-end price points, but even a simple DIY scrub like this one will do the trick. Exfoliating once a week should be plenty, and I always recommend going in with a gentle pressure to prevent over stripping the skin.

During the winter months, when I’m extra dry Embroylisse Laite Crème is my favorite to slather all over. Truly, I’d bathe in this stuff if I could!! 😉 If you’re oily, I got you covered, try Bobbi Brown’s Vitamin Enriched Face Base, instead—it is absolutely divine!

Stay warm my friends!




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