This music video may have come out weeks ago, and this song may have been on repeat all summer in my car, but can we all just agree Selena Gomez’ makeup in ‘Hands to Myself’ is the epitome of sexy? Good. Glad we addressed the elephant in the room. 😉


Regardless if your personal, every day style is more demure, or fearless with a capital ‘F,’ this is one look we should ALL have in our arsenal for when we really want to slay. 


The best part of this makeup look? It’s completely wearable. For all my au naturel gals, perhaps this is a look saved for date nights, fancy cocktail girls’ nights, or boudoir sessions (amazing gifts at valentine’s day, birthdays, etc. btw). Regardless if your personal, every day style is more demure or fearless with a capital ‘F,’ this is one look we should ALL have in our arsenal for when we really want to slay.

With that in mind, I am officially kicking off the first 2016 Makeup Monday to demonstrate how to achieve this super sexy look at home.

Focal Points: Eyes + Lips

Step 1: Using a fluffy selena gomezbrush, apply a medium, matte brown through the crease.

Soffie says…doing this step first will keep you from taking the smokey effect too far and create dimension

Step 2: Pat a deep brown (or navy) gel liner or cream shadow on lid, blend edges with a clean, fluffy brush to meet the crease

Soffie says…blend the edges immediately to prevent any harsh edges

Step 3: Pat a metallic, deep blue eye shadow all over the lid, upward to meet the warm brown in the crease. Blend w/fluffy brush if necessary to soften any harsh edges between blue and brown.

Soffie says…blending is the key from taking an ‘okay’ smokey eye to a ‘WOW’ smokey eye, so be patient and remember: blend, blend, blend, and amen!

Step 4: Using a flat, stiff brush press a deep matte brown into lower lash line

Step 5: Line water line and tight line (inner rim of eyes) with black, waterproof eyeliner. Finish eyes with a good lash curl and two generous coats of mascara.

Soffie says…if you’re wearing this look out for a night of dancing or something a little more risqué };), use waterproof mascara to prevent smudging that may occur from sweating. Also, if you’re really in the mood to amp it up, try a pair of natural-looking, false lashes.

Step 6: Line lips w/ nude lip liner and apply a frosty nude lipstick to create sex-kitten volume

Soffie says…Look for a nude lip liner with a rosy undertone

Step 7: Complete face makeup as usual, skipping blush but adding a touch of bronzer through the cheeks for warmth.

Soffie says…the focal points are the stars of the show so take the ‘less is more’ route with your skin. Ditch the ‘insta-filter’ foundation routines and shoot for skin that is real, and most of all: touchable!


Get it girls! ♥



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