Once the holiday season has passed and the novelty of the winter season has passed it’s difficult for anyone to love the weather. As I talked about in last post, winter can be hard on our skin from a hydration standpoint. However, another big bummer can be losing that golden tan from the summer months.

I think my girl Thumbelina said it best, because I know right around this time of year I’m like:

 Once there was the sun

Bright and warm and wonderful

Just like the love within my heart

Now there’s no more sun.

Winter has killed EVERYTHING.


Okay, maybe tad dramatic. 😂 Whatever. Feels like it kills everything. 😒

With that in mind, today I wanted to share a quick and easy way to creating gorgeous summer skin without the commitment of a spray tan: Hellooooo, cream bronzer.

Soffie says…there are a ton of liquid and powder bronzers on the market. In my humble opinion, however, I find powder won’t give as natural of an effect for this technique, and liquid bronzers can be more intimidating (and wasteful) if you’re newer to makeup.

Cream products are incredibly forgiving. Make a mistake? Buff away with a clean, dry brush or sponge and it’s like it never happened. Magic erasers. 😀

This look is wearable and can easily build for a date night look or worn as is with a mess bun at the Farmer’s Market. Who doesn’t love a universal, easy look like this?

Who doesn’t love a universal, easy look like this?

Focal Point: Skin

Step 1: Apply your base and concealers (if applicable), as usual, but do not set them with powder, just yet.

Step 2: Lightly tap a fluffy, dry synthetic brush like this one into a cream bronzer.

Soffie says…skip bronzers that have a shimmer. I’ll show you how to add it in strategically for the most impact, later in the post.

Step 3: Gently sweep the brush on all the high points of the face (tops of the cheeks, forehead, bridge of the nose, etc.).

Soffie says…take it across the tops of the cheeks through towards your nose for a more natural effect.bronzer

Bump up the warmth factor by sweeping a wash of the bronzer over your eyelids and blend with a clean fluffy brush toward the crease to soften the edges.


Step 4: Take a cream highlighter like this one (light – medium skin tones) or this one (medium to deep skin tones) with a clean ring finger and tap it on the tops of the cheekbones, inner corner of the eyes, center of the lids, brow bone, cupids bow, and the center of the apples. Blend with the same dry brush.

Step 5: Lightly dust a sheer translucent powder to set your foundation and concealer work–ONLY— in the areas you wouldn’t want a sheen (center of forehead, under the eyes, etc.), and leave the rest alone. This will keep your skin looking fresh and sun kissed.

Soffie says…If you’re feeling like you need SOMETHING to set the cream areas (I promise, you don’t, but I get it girl 😘), try using a setting spray like this one.

That’s it!

Go forth my faux sun bunnies. Tell anyone who asks, you attribute your golden goddess skin to drinking tons of water and hiking. I won’t tell if you don’t. 😉



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