Welcome back to another Makeup Monday, and I am so excited to finally be sharing this makeup look with you all! With spring officially here I am SO ready for all the fresh, beautiful makeups that accompany it. People tend to overcomplicate makeup, then get overwhelmed with the process–girl, trust me, I know that feel. However…


I want to show you gorgeous, glowing, flattering makeup with least amount of fuss and products is possible.

model: alyssa, agency arizona


After prepping eyes for makeup, apply a complimentary cream shadow all over the lid with clean fingers.


Soffie Says: Alyssa has gorgeous green eyes so on this day I chose a pinky peach shadow.


Use a fluffy brush and lightly sweep a warm brown in the crease.


Press a chocolate brown shadow with a flat brush like this into the upper and lower lash line. Smudge with q-tip or pencil brush.


Soffie Says: This creates definition without obvious lines, creating a demure, yet sexy smolder.


Finish with curled lashes and two generous coats of mascara.

spring makeup
model: alyssa, agency arizona

Prep skin as usual, then tap cream highlighter to the high planes of the face (everyone’s features are different, but Alyssa I added a tiny bit to the cheekbones, Cupid’s bow, and nose bridge). For Alyssa’s┬ábase I airbrushed to conceal where necessary, then applied cream blush on a fluffy brush, then set lightly with no color powder in the concealed areas only.


Soffie Says: I like to call this intentional powdering (IP). IP locks in the work you did to create a beautiful skin base and the areas that are bereft of powder create the illusion of perfect, fresh, real skin.


Finish off with a soft coral lip.


Soffie Says: For added shine and moisture, tap a little lip balm over top.




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